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October 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Dec 1, 2021


Want to be a part of making Obsidian Giant great? This is the section that will tell you how to do that each month. For our very first monthly newsletter, we have something special for our readers… the chance to be writers!

We aren’t accepting full manuscripts until the first quarter of next year, but our resident editor extraordinaire, Ms. Emma Weidenhamer, has taken on a new and challenging project all upon herself. She is compiling, editing, formatting, and writing an anthology of haikus that is set to be published in early December. Be as weird as you like - we encourage haikus about fandoms, and I’m pretty sure we have a full chapter of Game of Thrones haikus already…

All submissions should be sent to:, and will be forwarded to Emma for review. The deadline for submissions is October 30th, 2021, because everyone will be having too much fun on Halloween. Feel free to write about whatever you’d like, but she is working with the following categories at present: random fandoms, holiday/festive, animals and nature, and emotions and feelings.

What we’ve been up to:

Steel City Comic Con - August 2021

Our very first foray into the world of comic book conventions was a bigger success than any of us could have hoped for. Thank you all for making our first public appearance a weekend to remember! Confidence was gained and lessons were learned. We will be using this experience as motivation for years to come!

Bitchcraft - September 2021

Do you know what’s awesome? We weren’t the traditional type of seller for this convention; however, we were not only welcomed with open arms, but we outsold our projections in less than 6 hours. The feeling of community in a place like this is unimaginable, and we can’t wait for next year!

What’s New?

New Stickers!!!!!!

No Spoilers, check out the store!!!!!

From the OG archives, never before seen in print, come the amazing earth mother goddess and mermaid cryptid! They were a huge hit at Bitchcraft, and they’re now available on our website as well. Add these gorgeous ladies to your sticker collection or use them to make your city/laptop/water mug more beautiful!

The Giants went and got all creative with something other than words…

Bitchcraft inspired us to make some handmade items in addition to the amazing books, stickers, charms, and pins that we already offer. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and website - we are thinking of putting a few up for sale at a time. All jewelry is made with real semi-precious stones, smoked with sage, and constructed with the intentions appropriate to the stones!

Check us out in other media!

One of the things we love most about in-person events is the opportunity to meet new people, share our stories, and learn about theirs. There are currently two media appearances that came from these types of interactions that you guys should check out. And while you’re at it, dive into their other content as well, not just the segments about us!

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