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Autumn 2023 Newsletter

What’s been happening!?

The Switch to Quarterly

We want to pack as much OG awesomeness as possible into these newsletters with minimal repetition, so we have decided to make the move to quarterly newsletters instead of monthly. Never fear, we will continue to keep you updated on all OG goings on!!

The First Completed Trilogy!?!?

The final book in the Brim trilogy has been submitted for editing!!!!! We are all super excited about this, especially because Jay assures us that it’s his best book yet! Emma is now tagged in for her part of the process. She will be polishing it up a bit to have it ready in time for a December release!

Momento Con was Supernaturally Fun

I should’ve been a dad with all of the lousy puns… It was a great time though!

In addition to all the new people we met we realized that everyone is allowed on the roof of the David L Lawrence Convention Center. We may have gone a bit overboard on the pictures… Emma cut it down to just a few though. Collage time!!!!

We also have some more standard con pics. Amazing to see Bernie again!! We had some epic con neighbors at this one too. It does appear that the Godmer got a bit angry and some point though. Everyone should buy more books before he cuts the table in half!

Rumor has it that Momento Con isn’t coming back next year but we will still be keeping an eye out. If any of you know of cons we should be attending but aren’t let us know!!

An Axe by any Other Name

You may remember that we asked for submissions for names in the last newsletter. Well, we found our winner at this very con!! Jay’s alter ego’s wife finally has a name and it is…


Venya is a name that originated with ancient Sanskrit and is still used, mostly in India, today! It means lovable, which makes a lot of sense. The love a Godmer has for his wife/warblade is immeasurable.

The winner of the contest is Natalie. Not only is she great at naming wives/weapons, but she is also a talented artist. Her jewelry pieces are a collaboration between her and her pet snakes! Yup, you read that right. Her snakes are major contributors. Their shed skin is used to craft each handmade piece! Check the stuff out on Facebook or Instagram @ShedDazzled!!

Natalie won the contest, but all of you receive the prize!! We present to you an OG newsletter exclusive, never before seen in print. Venya’s backstory:

The Godmer were riotous inside the Blood Nadir as warriors and their warblades battled to be proclaimed High Chieftain.

There were seventeen contenders when the skirmish began, but more than a dozen new challengers entered the arena as some of the most formidable Godmer were slain.

When Venya cut into her rival, the hot black blood that sprayed over her axe blade sent a tremor down the throat of her handle.

Venya was striking in her warblade form. As a battle axe of epic proportion, she stood out among the most fearsome warblades.

Her warrior, Nafar, was a titan in his own right. Together they slew a half dozen Godmer before the seventh spent the last of his blood on Venya’s blade.

Venya was the last in a line of warblades descended from the first Godmer, Eys and Nadra Darkcloud.

She was a Grimgeld shapeshifter, and her warblade form was highly unique. Where other axes were simple in their structure, Venya’s black metal sparkled with its embellished curves and jagged blade.

Nafar and Venya killed many Godmer in the arena, but they were no match for the redoubtable Ugryn Clawheart and his magnificent warblade Vilsa.

Holy patootie… did you guys notice?!?!?!

We now know the name of Jay’s Godmer alter-ego!!!!!!! Now I wonder if Nafar will respond by name at the conventions, or if he will strike out with Venya at those who dare to utter it?

Oh Yeah! Two Cons in a Row!

August was all about the OG! SCC was only a week after Momento which was awesome! It let that good con feeling last even longer. For this convention, we officially started our “Hug a Godmer (or arm wrestle one)” campaign. I say we started a campaign like it was something we had planned. I mainly just wanted to see who would try to arm-wrestle a jacked, half-naked guy. More people wanted to hug him, but we had quite a few takers on the arm wrestling too!

We also continue to meet and reunite with the best people! Jay got a little bit of exercise lifting Evie up and carrying them around. It got his muscles all pumped up for the arm wrestling on Sunday. He also intimidated Mike Tyson for a few minutes and had it captured as a pic!

Our boy looks a little too excited pulling Barf’s tail there. Also, possibly a little too used to assuming that “being arrested” position…

It was a great weekend. It seemed to be a little less crowded than usual, but in a good way. People could breathe and stop to look instead of being pushed down each aisle.

what’s coming up next?

We Wish You a Merry Brim-Ness

Steel City Con is our home. It was our first convention, and is where we have released all the new books so far. That isn’t changing this time!!!

Mark those calendars now, because not only will we have all the OG fare you know and love, but we will be releasing the final installment of the Brim series on that Friday December 8th!!!!!!!!!!

I know that is reason enough to want to join in, but it doesn’t stop there!

That line-up looks pretty badass already and they are likely to add at least a dozen more celebs by the time the weekend rolls around! They have a freaking Python!!! I am going to be talking about the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow for days and Emma will probably smack me a little.

Be a part of the giant

Want to be a part of making Obsidian Giant great? This is the section that will tell you how to do that each month.

Show Your Love With Reviews on Amazon

I mean, that’s pretty much the gist of it. We would be super appreciative if you would leave reviews for any of the books you’ve read on Amazon! We haven’t really pushed Amazon as a place to purchase books, but reviews of any kind are the lifeblood of any author. As always, we want to know what you really think. We aren’t looking for fake reviews. Thank you all so much in advance!

Have OG Advertise With You!

OG is looking for opportunities to get the word out about our company and products. We want to be smart with marketing and make sure that the types of people we reach are the ones who will love our stuff! If you know of any Newsletters, Magazines, events that would allow flyers, Playbills, local websites, literature-related websites, etc. where advertising for us would make sense, please let us know!


Audiobooks are still happening. The giants are still accepting submissions. The good news is we have so much going on this summer! The bad news is we probably won’t have much movement on the audiobooks until after convention season. Lots of writing, drawing, and editing is also being done. We will keep submissions open until decisions have been made!

  1. Step one is to email us at

  2. We’ll send you the excerpts.

  3. You record yourself reading the excerpts.

  4. You send them back to (or I’ll set up a drop box if files get too large).

  5. We review all the submissions and choose the best person for each.

  6. You record the whole book and get paid. We’ll also be available as a reference for other publishers and authors you may want to work with. That last part is true even if you aren’t chosen for one of our current books!

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