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We bring together creative minds to publish imaginative works of literature, art, and original designs that promote individuality in the industry.

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The Story of OG

In the fall of 2017, J. Demetrius Belvin was an author without an editor, trying his best to help himself and others like him publish their rough manuscripts on a print-on-demand basis. J. knew that he wanted to do something more but had yet to conceive his full vision. He was working a typical customer service job when he met and befriended an artist who was similarly stalled with his artistic dreams. J. handed over the first draft of Darkehand. His friend took it home, read it, and couldn’t stop drawing. Their combined creativity began a feedback loop of inspiration. They fed off of each other’s excitement until one day it made sense for them to do something more.


The question was: How could this informal collaboration transition into a company where they could provide creative products that were true to themselves? J stated, “I want characters in my stories that don’t really exist in other people’s work. I don’t want to emulate. I want to create.” He also held in the back of his mind a desire to provide others with a place to create as well. They decided to begin with a name. J. had recently constructed a bracelet of semi-precious stones and crystals that held great meaning for him. The centerpiece was a large piece of obsidian, a strongly protective stone that provides a shield against negativity. They also wanted their company name to evoke a feeling of immensity. Something that was massive or grandiose, both to match the protective aspect of obsidian, and as a metaphor for how they saw the company growing. Obsidian Giant had a name.


They spent the next year writing and drawing. In fall of 2018, Emma Weidenhamer joined the team as an editor, and things really began to pick up speed. J’s first completed work, Brim, was published on September 23rd, 2019, with Bloodsisters (Maya’s Book of Mirrors) following a year later. Along the way, the company released limited edition pins and charms concurrent with the publications. In the spring of 2021, Emma's role in the company grew when she became a co-owner alongside J. Simultaneously, Darkehand was published. Shortly after, the decision was made to expand further with the creation of a marketing division and an ambitious plan to take on additional authors and artists. Since Obsidian Giant's first convention in summer of 2021, the company has published even more books, and will continue to publish fresh, eye-opening literature for readers of all ages.


For further information about the company, collaboration requests, or promotional inquiries, please reach out to

Meet The Giants

J. Belvin has always had a love for writing. Originally from Paterson, NJ, he has written and performed spoken word poetry at various venues in NYC, NJ, and PA alike. His rhythmic poetry is story-like and based on life experiences. More recently, his focus has been on storytelling through a range of fictional short stories and novellas. His latest works range from dark fantasy, to science fiction, to adventurous tales of triumph and tragedy. A father of four, J. now resides in Pittsburgh, PA, where he continues to write, publish, and create as founder and co-owner of Obsidian Giant.

Emma Weidenhamer’s passion for reading began at a very young age. By the time she was in middle school, she was taking on everything, from unabridged classics to Shakespeare. Her love for books expanded at Youngstown State University, where she received a BA in English with a focus in British Literature. During her tenure at the university, Emma worked as an editor on two literary magazines: The Penguin Review and Jenny Magazine. She also performed as a cellist with the YSU Symphony Orchestra, and in the pit orchestra for a couple of local theater productions. Emma’s attention to detail and love for accuracy are what led to her decision to become a book editor. In addition to the cello, Emma also enjoys playing the guitar. She still finds the time to read for leisure, and is currently working through Stephen King’s bibliography. She lives with her 2 cats, Brooke and Rigsby, in Pittsburgh, PA.

Leah Thomas is a world traveler. Driven by her passion for history and anthropology, she has been to a dozen countries, mostly in a volunteer capacity. In her professional career, she has worked as a promotional manager, as well as specializing in project development and the origination of new teams. Her interest in reading was sparked early on by her bibliophile father. Her love for all things sci-fi and fantasy led to her attending multiple conventions, where she has acquired a familiarity with the marketing styles used by up-and-coming authors and artists. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA.

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