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June 2023 Newsletter

What’s been happening!?

3 Rivers Comic Con was Rad!

Not just because there was a vodka vendor who happily got us all drunk multiple times. This was THE con for true readers of comics, sci-fi, and fantasy!

Don’t get me wrong, there were a ton of merch vendors too. You could definitely get your fix of Funko Pops, nerdy clothing, and handmade geekiness, but this con was great for actual readers. As usual, Jay stole the show in his Godmer cosplay (now with added traditional drinking horn!) but Emma made some great contacts too. Leah got to set up in the same space because it was huge!

As always, we’ll start with the obligatory Emma/Jay table shot….

But the table was so much more this time!! Check out the additional Distracted Creations…

For the record, the drinking horn wasn’t just for show…

If the convention organizers ask, it was filled with delicious, nutritious milk. It definitely wasn’t smuggled booze, not at all. (Fun fact, Microsoft Word has AI that tries to label pictures for you. The one of Jay says “Person in a leather harness drinking from a microphone”. I just had to share)

Even half-naked barbarian aliens love books: they don’t put down their weapons, but they still pick up the books.

Oh no! The Borg are trying to Borg-i-fy Jay!!!!!!

Somehow I don’t think this is going to end well for the Borg…

I was correct. Still Godmer, not Borg, and he managed to steal one of their women… who called that? I called that!

…and safely back aboard the Enterprise… wait, I think we are in the wrong universe here… let’s try again…

Ok, this looks more like it. Looking tough, heads of your enemies on spikes - hold up… are those Stormtrooper heads?

Is this man seriously kidnapping Grogu right now?

Or he could just take out the Empire with his Axe-Wife… that works too. Still the wrong universe though.

Ok, this is our own, human universe. Still not really the place for a Godmer. Pretty sure if he sticks around he’ll get arrested for a lot more than reading banned books…

Well. He’s loose. I guess we’ll see what happens…

Ok, super powerful alien warrior with a giant axe + alcohol, let’s see where this goes.

So far so good. Always fun to find some pretty villains to hang out with. These ladies can be found at Heroineburg, or Anti-Heroineburg as the case may be. Check them out here:

Cap’n Jack was awesome enough to score pics with both of the OG crew!

As you can tell, this convention has some extra amazing things for the cosplayer crowd. Not only is Cosplay fun but most of these groups do some incredible things for various charities locally and nationally. Please check them out when you get a chance. A big thank you to:

The 501st Legion Starkiller Garrison:

Starfleet, The U.S.S. Solstice – NCC 1221:

The Beaver County Library System -

This is definitely a convention that could be in the cards for future years as well. Thank you to everyone we met there and we hope to see you at other events soon!

What’s coming up next?

It's Sneaking Up on Us!

Our Momento Con debut has been anticipated for 2 years, and now it’s finally happening!!!

You should join us there! All you have to do is show up at the David L Lawrence Convention Center any time between 10am – 8pm on Saturday and 10am – 7pm on Sunday, August 5-6!

You know how someone will say “Let’s go to one of those giant comic book conventions with all the celebrities.” Then you say, “But there are so many people and I don’t want to people this weekend.” Well, have we got a solution for you! Momento Con is a really cool comicon. It also has celebrities and all kinds of things to do, but it’s in a bigger space with more room to walk and it has COSPLAY KARAOKE….

And Now that you are Used to People…

You can come to Steel City Comicon the very next weekend!!!!!!!!

Yup, OG is doing conventions 2 weeks in a row!!! I wonder how many people we will see at both places!? I hope it’s all of you!

SCC still has a bunch of celebrities at this one, although it looks like they are listening to the fans and toning it down just a bit. There are still some really big names though, including William Shatner and Mike Tyson. I wonder if we can talk them into a picture of Tyson trying to uppercut Captain Kirk…

Be a part of the giant

Want to be a part of making Obsidian Giant great? This is the section that will tell you how to do that each month.

Show Your Love With Reviews on Amazon

I mean, that’s pretty much the gist of it. We would be super appreciative if you would leave reviews for any of the books you’ve read on Amazon! We haven’t really pushed Amazon as a place to purchase books, but reviews of any kind are the lifeblood of any author. As always, we want to know what you really think. We aren’t looking for fake reviews. Thank you all so much in advance!

Have OG Advertise With You!

OG is looking for opportunities to get the word out about our company and products. We want to be smart with marketing and make sure that the types of people we reach are the ones who will love our stuff! If you know of any Newsletters, Magazines, events that would allow flyers, Playbills, local websites, literature-related websites, etc. where advertising for us would make sense, please let us know!

An example of this would be the play Leah and Eddie were involved with, where OG featured in a full-page ad within the Playbill!

Many thanks to StageWarp Productions for this opportunity!


Audiobooks are still happening. The giants are still accepting submissions. The good news is we have so much going on this summer! The bad news is we probably won’t have much movement on the audiobooks until after convention season. Lots of writing, drawing, and editing is also being done. We will keep submissions open until decisions have been made!

1. Step one is to email us at

2. We’ll send you the excerpts.

3. You record yourself reading the excerpts.

4. You send them back to (or I’ll set up a drop box if files get too large).

5. We review all the submissions and choose the best person for each.

6. You record the whole book and get paid. We’ll also be available as a reference for other publishers and authors you may want to work with. That last part is true even if you aren’t chosen for one of our current books!

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