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March 2022 Newsletter

BE A PART OF THE GIANT: Want to be a part of making Obsidian Giant great? This is the section that will tell you how to do that each month. As promised, We have a continuation of last month's contest for everyone!

You know what’s crazy? There’s $100 on the line, and we still only have 3 reviews on Facebook! This is the biggest contest planned this year, and we’d love for you guys to take advantage. More than that, we really are looking for honest feedback! I know you guys have opinions - share them! Even though the reviews are the most important, we are expanding the contest a bit to include anyone who posts and tags us during either the Books and Beer event at Parkway Theater on April 2nd or Steel City Con April 8-10. We want to hear from you, and have $50 in OG merch and a $50 Visa gift card waiting for the person who wins the random drawing! We may even make the drawing be the very first video on our new YouTube account! Click the Review button… you know you want to!

All reviews posted between February 17th and April 14th will be entered into a random drawing for a $50 gift card usable for OG merchandise, as well as a $50 Visa gift card!!!!!!!!

What we’ve been up to:

Books and Beer and local booze and indie films…. Oh My!!! (April 2nd Save the Date)

So, we had an idea about a year ago. We all like books, and we also like beer. Why not both? With the pandemic still wreaking havoc on social events at the time, it was an idea that was put on the back burner. It was a good idea though, so we picked it up and dusted it off. The question then was: where would it make sense to have an event where a small, independent, local company could have book signings and sales? The answer was simple: a place that already supports small, independent, local filmmakers/comedians/brewers/distillers.

Parkway Theater, located at 644 Broadway Ave, McKees Rocks, PA 15136, was the natural choice for the first of what we hope will be a series of “Books and Beer” events. On April 2nd Obsidian Giant will have a table set up in the Film Lounge section of this amazing establishment. We’ll be set up and ready to go by 6-7pm. Author extraordinaire, Mr. J Demetrius Belvin, will be available for book signings. Emma and Leah will also be available to talk business and go over our products and services - probably behind the table with a margarita and the final edit of the newest installment of Darkehand. We’d love to see you all there, too! Even if you already have the books or don’t want to buy anything, this is an amazing place to hang out. Any review left on the OG Facebook or posts about the event with OG tagged will be entered into the $100 contest as stated in the “Be a Part of the Giant” section. We will also have a drawing for a $25 bar tab at the film lounge for anyone who makes a purchase!

The theater has been around since at least 1940, and is really three businesses in one. They have a 45-seat theater that shows a wide variety of films, from blockbuster classics to local independent endeavors. The main part of the front room is called the film lounge; here you will find many locally produced spirits along with popular brand names, a great selection of beer and seltzers, and a whole lot of pop culture. Take some time to check out the bar top and the storm trooper overseeing the room. Last but certainly not least, Abjuration Brewing Company is housed in the same room, on the other side from the film lounge. This is a small-scale independent brewery who prides themselves on creative beers with as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible.

Check out their websites and social media to learn more about them. They are committed to community development and funding for the creative arts. We are very lucky to be partnering with them for this event!

Parkway Theater:

Instagram: @theparkwaytheater

Twitter: @Parkway_Theater

Abjuration Brewing Company:

Instagram: @abjurationbrewing

Twitter: @AbjurationBrew

UnTappd: AbjurationBrewing

Steel City Con is upon us again!

We will be at the regular spot April 8-10 with all of the awesome OG wares, including… Darkehand: Witchblood! J officially completed the book today and Emma is already halfway through her first edit. Look for us in space I3, towards the wall on the left side of the dealer room if you are coming through the front doors.

Into an author’s brain

Ever wonder what goes on inside J’s head? I know that may sound a little frightening, but I have a feeling it’s also pretty darn interesting. We have a meeting with an up-and-coming fantasy writer in a few weeks, and I think you’ll all enjoy the outcome. More details to come once we have everything hashed out, but I think two authors picking each other’s brains is going to be exciting, to say the least!

Call for Artists!

I know that we included this in the last newsletter, but it is worth reiterating:

If you are an artist or know someone who is, please send an email to We are working on building relationships with artists for future book covers and design work. If you have a fee schedule, portfolio, and/or website please feel free to send it along as well. With as many as 3 books coming out this year and our desire to expand our sticker line and design library in the future, OG may be your next freelance client!

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