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January 2022 Newsletter

BE A PART OF THE GIANT: Want to be a part of making Obsidian Giant great? This is the section that will tell you how to do that each month. As promised, this month we announce the winner of our sticker competition!

And the winner is…… Wes!

Wes works as a counselor, and has strategically placed his sticker and some business cards where his clients can see them just in case he gets an opportunity to talk about his new favorite publishing company. He will be receiving one of each sticker we offer, as well as a hellhound charm! Honorable mention goes to Hannah! She placed her sticker on her poetry notebook, as a reminder that she intends to submit some haiku for consideration when the next volume of our haiku anthology comes out!

What we’ve been up to: Jay has been writing again!

It looks like we may be seeing a second installment to the Darkehand series, sooner rather than later! We’ve been assured that Jay is well on his way to completion. It’s also been hinted that we might see a crossover with another OG universe, and that Ra, the coolest cat to survive into the apocalypse, will be getting an upgrade!

We have been looking into other Conventions!

We’ve had much success at Steel City Con, and have decided to expand to other shows and conventions! We haven’t confirmed any bookings yet, but we’re looking to schedule at least one convention we haven’t attended by the end of quarter 2! If you have any suggestions for shows you think we’d fit in well at, please let us know! Don’t worry, we’ll still be attending each Steel City Con. Our goal after the second quarter of the year will be to attend one convention per month, and from what we’ve been looking into, great things are in store for the Giants!

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