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The world of Brim is back! Join your favorite heroes—along with some new ones—as they fight to defend their home from a treacherous, vengeance-ridden interloper who’s determined to cleanse the planet and start it anew with his own brethren.


”A deadly race of mixed Brimaari who inhabit Brim’s moon have fallen down to the planet. The Azuran, as these terrestrials are named, are merciless and want only to regain and conquer what they believe is rightfully theirs. So ensues a planet-wide war of strength, devotion, and bravery, as the inhabitants of Brim rally together to protect their planet from the one known as Lord Vuron…”


Book Details:
Author: J. Demetrius Belvin
Editor: Emma Weidenhamer
Artist: Shaughn Moran
ISBN: 979-877334046
Dimensions: 9x6 inches

Brim: Exiles

SKU: 1234517
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