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Author J. Demetrius Belvin takes us on an adventure with heroes Sirra, Bryse and Rael, three unlikely friends who find themselves embarking on a quest to improve their world, overcoming harrowing obstacles and getting to know each other along the way.


Back cover text:
"The trials had now ended and each of the tribes had chosen its champion. Bryse Blackvane of the Godmer, Sirra of the Shroud for the Kymiri, and Rael "The Sixth" Silver represented the Arzul. Dominion of the planet was at stake yet again, and all of Brim was buzzing as the masses rallied to the World Arena for the Sixth Centennial Tridom!"


Book Details:
Author: J. Demetrius Belvin
Editor: Emma Weidenhamer
Artist: Jose Deluna
ISBN: 978-1692400941
Dimensions: 9x6 inches


SKU: 12345
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