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Obsidian Giant May 2023 Newsletter

What’s been happening!?

OG Has Officially Gone International!

Our products have always been available to overseas customers, but Jay took the first step in overseas marketing this month!

While spending some time in Germany he took the opportunity to represent OG in a big way. He wore OG hats and shirts, handed out stickers, and passed along our business cards to multiple international contacts! I wonder how long it’ll take before we start getting requests for German translations of the books…?!

Live-Action Darkehand?!?!

Well, not quite yet; at least, not a full theatrical release. We still have our fingers crossed that’ll happen in the future; however, to tide everyone over we have a bit of a teaser…

A teaser trailer, that is! June 17th we are getting together a group of awesome, creative, and slightly insane people for a guerilla film shoot! While we can film on city property without a permit as long as we aren’t blocking traffic, Leah is also in negotiations with a private location for possible indoor scenes as well. Eddie (of StageWarp and haiku fame) has been bringing together the talent. Our boy Dell will be directing! We have a film crew, actors to play both vampires and survivors, and even a makeup artist who just graduated from Tom Savini’s Special Make-up Effects Program and has already been featured in Fangoria magazine!!!

We will announce the full list of participants as well as contact info for them (because they’re awesome, and you might want to hire them for something) in next month’s issue of the newsletter!

Leah is going to put the Pixel 7 Pro to the test to get some behind-the-scenes shots for next month’s newsletter. We can’t wait to film it and to see the finished product! No hints on stars yet, but I’m sure you guys can figure at least one out!

What’s coming up next?

This Weekend Is Going to be Huge!

Everyone in Pittsburgh knows that this weekend kicks off the Arts Festival and Pride, but did you know that right in the heart of all that crazy fun, an equally crazy and fun thing will be taking place?

This will be our first time at this convention, and we couldn’t be more excited. Leah is the only one of us who has attended this one before, and she assures us that it’s a great one!

In addition to hundreds of vendors, professional cosplayers, panels, and an exclusive beer release, remember that this convention has Cosplay Karaoke. Emma will be gracing us all with her voice and she is going to need a few duet partners!

If all of that isn’t enough for you, Jay has been teasing another addition to his cosplay that will see the light at this very convention!

The whole thing will be going down at the David L Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh. Pretty much directly in between Pride and the Arts Festival. It’s only $25 for the whole weekend!!!!! We have a big space for this one! The OG standard setup will have a bit of an upgrade this time around. Leah will be lending some of her Distracted Crafting to the tables!

Find all the info you need here:

First weekend in June, and now the First Weekend in August!

Our Momento Con debut has been anticipated for 2 years, and now it’s finally happening!!!

Pretty much exactly 2 months after 3RCC, we’ll be moving back into the David L Lawrence Convention Center for Momento Con.

10am – 8pm on Saturday and 10am – 7pm on Sunday, August 5-6. This should be a good one! It’s a bigger space for a smaller convention, so this one should be a fun new experience. Always good to have room to move around!

Looks like half the cast of Supernatural will be there, and Emma’s personal favorite, Timothy Omundson, from Psych! She hasn’t seen him since the 6th season advanced screening at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC in 2011!

Be a part of the giant!

Want to be a part of making Obsidian Giant great? This is the section that will tell you how to do that each month.

Show Your Love With Reviews on Amazon

I mean, that’s pretty much the gist of it. We would be super appreciative if you would leave reviews for any of the books you’ve read on Amazon! We haven’t really pushed Amazon as a place to purchase books, but reviews of any kind are the lifeblood of any author. As always, we want to know what you really think. We aren’t looking for fake reviews. Thank you all so much in advance!

Have OG Advertise With You!

OG is looking for opportunities to get the word out about our company and products. We want to be smart with marketing and make sure that the types of people we reach are the ones who will love our stuff! If you know of any Newsletters, Magazines, events that would allow flyers, Playbills, local websites, literature-related websites, etc. where advertising for us would make sense, please let us know!

An example of this would be the play Leah and Eddie were involved with, where OG featured in a full-page ad within the Playbill!

Many thanks to StageWarp Productions for this opportunity!


Audiobooks are still happening. The giants are still accepting submissions. The good news is we have so much going on this summer! The bad news is we probably won’t have much movement on the audiobooks until after convention season. Lots of writing, drawing, and editing is also being done. We will keep submissions open until decisions have been made!

1. Step one is to email us at

2. We’ll send you the excerpts.

3. You record yourself reading the excerpts.

4. You send them back to (or I’ll set up a drop box if files get too large).

5. We review all the submissions and choose the best person for each.

6. You record the whole book and get paid. We’ll also be available as a reference for other publishers and authors you may want to work with. That last part is true even if you aren’t chosen for one of our current books!

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