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December 2021 Newsletter

BE A PART OF THE GIANT: Want to be a part of making Obsidian Giant great? This is the section that will tell you how to do that each month. We have decided to extend the sticker contest as so many new people received stickers this past weekend.

We asked many of you to take pictures of your Obsidian Giant stickers in interesting places. We absolutely appreciate our friend and fellow haiku author, Ann, ensuring that our logo is, ehm…noticed at con, and I am sure you guys can think up even more inventive places to stick them. I seem to remember being promised in August a picture of one of our stickers at the top of a 60-story skyscraper… All submissions should be sent to: or posted to one of our social media sites; links to these are on the webpage. While you’re at it, go ahead and follow us as well! We have extended the submission deadline to 01/10/2022. The winner will be announced in the January Newsletter and will receive an exclusive OG swag bag!

What we’ve been up to:

Obsidian Giant releases 2 new titles!

We told you in November’s newsletter that they would be available for pre-order soon. We are pleased to announce that as of December 10th, 2021, they are officially available to the public! The first has been bouncing around in Jay’s brain since he wrote and published Brim in September of 2019. This is the first sequel, with another foray into this epic universe planned for release in late 2022! Keep an eye out for sequels taking place in the Darkehand and Bloodsisters universes as well. He hasn’t forgotten about them, we promise.

Emma’s haiku anthology was also released and was her brainchild for over 2 years. It became an instant hit due to the diverse and witty poetry found within. Don’t be surprised if you see a Volume 2 in a year or so. Who would have thought that haiku about Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Game of Thrones would appeal to a convention for people who love comics and pop culture.

Here are some pictures from setup Thursday night. It is amazing to watch the joy both Emma and Jay exhibit when their creations come into reality:

Steel City Con December 10th-12th, 2021

Words can’t express how amazing it is to be a part of a community like this. It is one thing to attend conventions as a fan, but to participate is something else altogether. The feeling of seeing products that you personally put time and effort into being displayed in such an accepting and open environment is a feeling like none other.

All the thanks go out to the attendees and fellow vendors at Steel City Con. Each and every one of you are awesome. Jay officially created a cosplay for a character from his own mind for Sunday. Here he is with some of the fans:

Even better than the convention community is when family shows up to offer support. This is now the second time that Jay’s kids have gotten to see their dad at a convention - and first time in costume! His lovely mom was able to attend as well 😊. The only thing better than a convention is a convention with hugs!

What’s Coming up in the future?

Steel City Con April 2022 We have already purchased the table and are placing orders for more books! We hope to see each and every one of you there. Bring along a friend, father, sister, brother, mother, grandparent, niblings, cousin, etc.!

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